Mathpad Examples

The first three examples include what you type in order to get the formatted result. The remaining samples are more "complicated", and the formatting instructions are omitted. When you download Mathpad, a sample file mathpaddemo.txt is included in the installation directory. This file shows and explains the format instructions for all the examples. You can look at the formatted file here. This is really a pretty big page, so if you don't have broadband, you might have to wait a bit.

Simple exponents:
A compound fraction:
The quadratic formula:
A test question:
A fairly complex expression:
Matrix sample:
Numbered equations:
A table:
Another table:
One more table:
Some calculus:
Some more calculus:
MathCast is a free equation editor.  One of the examples is the Laplace transform.

Mathpad Laplace
Another free math tool is HotEqn. Some HotEqn examples.
Word processor challenge:


MathpadDraw Examples

The following is a very small sampling of the drawings you can make. When you download MathpadDraw, I think it would be worth your while to inspect the examples included in the download file.  These drawings are found in the installation directory in the directory Examples; this directory is further divided into two and three dimensional drawings.

A fun example is the classic two trains and a fly problem.

An interesting locus problem is the set of points equidistant from two circles.

A calculus example on the old "move a ladder around a corner" problem is the drawing Ladder Problem.  Another calculus example on polar areas is the drawing Polar "rose" areas.

As several of the following illustrate, you can annotate any drawing with mathematical text.  In fact, all of Mathpad's expression formatting is contained within MathpadDraw.

Thale's Theorem
Venn Diagram
Riemann sums
Area between curves
Filled parametric curves
Regions "between" two parametric curves
Implicit polar curve
Sample polyhedron: Soccer ball on a stand (truncated icosahedron augmented by a pentagonal cupola)
Graph of a function of two variables
An isosurface defined by an implicit equation.